Harnessing the Power of Logicfor Decision Makers

Imagine a data-driven business where you can:

Make decisions with data from ANYWHERE! ANYTIME!

Ask new questions. Get answers fast. Make great decisions.

Create alerts to keep up with changing business conditions.

Redefine what is possible for data-driven businesses.

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The Motivational Challenge

Data-driven companies are exploding with potential, but face these daunting problems:

Missing Links to External Data Sources:

Extant technologies operate on a closed world assumption, relying on information within the enterprise. However, business processes today increasingly utilize external, Internet data sources.

Inability to Acquire New Data Dynamically:

The BI functions have now moved from IT to business users. Increasingly, however, such users need direct access to data and automation services to make better decisions, faster.

The Undermining Illusion of “Real-time”:

An answer generated at lightning speed using old data is not “real-time”. The best decisions are made using current data from every relevant source. That’s immediate. That is NOW. That’s real-time!

“Businesses that are more aligned and efficient correlate strongly with shorter Cycle Time to Intelligence (CTI) as measured by the lapse of time from the moment a question is formulated by a decision maker until the time an actionable answer is available.”

James E. Cates: Author of “Climbing the Ladder of Business Intelligence”, and Distinguished Alumnus Award Recipient from Ohio State University School of Engineering

The Team Collaborators in Digital Transformation

We are a committed group of individuals focused upon the singular purpose of creating software technology that can make a difference. It is the complexity of problems that motivates us to undertake the challenge to create viable solutions that can be easily used.

Our mettle is forged in the competitive arena of solving research problems. We have cultivated a genuine depth of understanding in computing and accumulated experience over years of applied practice. We have credibly added to the public knowledge base.

It takes a great team to build great technology. CalQLogic has become the platform for such a team. The company has been established to deploy the best of our knowledge, capabilities, and, most important, our patented proprietary technology in the data analytics and automation domain.

And, we are ready to go to work for you.

Synergy of Technical Excellence

Passionate • Principled • Practiced

  • Formal education in areas of computer science with specialization in AI, large scale data and process integration, machine learning and databases; safety systems, network security and information systems; program management.
  • Experienced senior computer scientists, technology researchers, software engineers, business managers, project leaders and programmers.
  • Passionate about using technology to deliver real results.

Redefine What is Possible

Innovative • Intrepid • Pioneering

  • Distinction earned through innovation; and Ingenuity expressed through pioneering.
  • Our solutions are described in numerous peer-reviewed publications and written about in text-books.
  • We have competed for and won Research & Development projects sponsored by leading Federal Agencies against much bigger companies.

Performance with Integrity

Diligent • Committed • Disciplined

  • Integrity without excellence is futile. Excellence without integrity is unethical. A key company value is to deliver both inseparably, without fail.
  • We have built successful, production-quality software solutions that still continue to work at customer companies.
  • Integrity translates into guaranteeing customers the best value possible for expended dollars with complete professional transparency.

Up to 70% of an analytics project life cycle is spent on Data Preparation!

Gartner Report

Think real-time analytics is not important? There will be over 21 Billion IoT Devices on the Internet by 2020!

Information Week

Our Technology Key Functional Elements

Our technology solution is predicated upon adding key functional elements that address fundamental areas of analytics and automation:

Move from Closed World toOpen World Analytics / Automation

  • Support internal and external data sources equally well.
  • Make disparate data sources intuitive and easy for business users.
  • Enhance the ability of all decision makers to access external data as needed, dynamically.
  • Enable IT to rapidly integrate external data sources into business processes and applications.

EnhanceSituation Awareness for Decision Makers

  • Make business situations easier to understand, especially as data changes.
  • Enable decision makers to work with current data from each source.
  • Empower users to ask new questions and get answers without fuss or delay.
  • Ensure business people do not need coding skills to ask questions.

Provide Ability toReact to Changes in Data Environement

  • Ensure that no major decisions are based on stale data.
  • Create awareness of data changes among decision makers.
  • Monitor relevant data sources and deliver needed alerts.
  • Provide users the ability to customize alerts to specific conditions that drive their decisions.

TheTechnology Solution

So, what does it take to support a data-driven business?

The answer… a powerful engine with building blocks capable of tackling major data challenges. Such an engine is available. We call it TriggerWare®, our proprietary platform. The common, profound thread that unifies ALL our building blocks is the language of mathematical logic. The transformative features of this solution include:

Connectors: bring the entire world of data into business decisions:

  • Incorporate external and internal data sources uniformly.
  • Connectors for common data sources are “plug and play”.
  • Custom connectors can be created within hours for new data sources.

Tables: a simple, yet elegant, construct to view disparate data sources:

  • Use tables to view raw data, to correlate data, and to generate output.
  • Simple UI for business users to ask new questions.
  • Answers appear immediately in tables, based on current data.

Smarts Alerts & Rules: robust mechanisms responsive to data changes:

  • Users create custom alerts to be informed of critical data changes.
  • Monitor all data sources, generate alerts as relevant for users.
  • Rules provide a modular construct for data-driven automation.

Event Analytics: powerful constructs for time-stamped data:

  • Easily integrates with sensors and cloud-based event repositories.
  • Includes built-in support for complex event processing.
  • Only technology in the market using logic to specify event patterns.

A Path toBuilding Momentum

There are numerous markets that are replete with rich, data-driven problems that need resolution. In some of these markets, we encountered key decision makers hungry for solutions and ready to embrace innovation. We were able to move the needle dramatically towards better business outcomes for them using TriggerWare. These experiences provided the external validation and impetus for us to focus on the following four initial markets:

Pharma / Life Sciences:

Pharmacovigilance and signal detection, literature monitoring

Analyzing available FDA data, social media feeds, news reports, and medical data portals (e.g., WebMD) to detect problems early; smart monitoring of clinical literature.

Supply Chain Management:

Real-time, smart sourcing

Using real-time data from various data sources (e.g., weather, political events, commodities prices, foreign exchange rates, etc.) to optimize sourcing decisions.


360° Omni Channel Customer Integration

Creating integrated view of a retail customer across an ecosystem – from the showroom, web site, repair center, tech support, etc. to improve customer UX and offerings.

Smart Cities (IoT):

Command & Control Center

Providing integrated analytics and rule-based automation over all available data (traffic, infrastructure monitoring, surveillance, events, etc.) to render rapid, effective decisions

Unique Value Propositions of



Excellent ROI and Business Benefits such as:

  • Increase in the number of external data sources;
  • Standardization of interactions with all data sources using tables;
  • Reduction of time spent in data preparation, making more time for analysis;
  • Automated monitoring of all data sources to generate alerts;
  • The learning curve is not steep for business users or developers;
  • A reasonable price point for the features provided;

Major Technical Benefits:

  • Deployment without disruption to any legacy IT infrastructure;
  • A query language that shortens data prep through mathematical elegance;
  • Smart Alerts and rules to orchestrate and automate business processes;
  • Complex event facilities that support IoT integration and event analytics;
  • Unique product in the market using logic as the specification language;
  • Declarative constructs that reduce coding, reduce costs, and reduce errors;
  • Significant improvement in time-to-market and time-to-evolve for apps;

“In an era of the Internet of Insecure Things and AI-based decision-making, the time between attack and disaster is increasingly small. Real-time data analytics are an essential bridge for connecting data acquisition to system defense.”

Dr. Hilarie Orman: Practical Security columnist for IEEE Internet Computing Magazine; and President of Purple Streak

Our Product TriggerWare | Real-Time Analytics & Automation

It is a cloud-based analytics and automation platform that helps both business users and developers grapple with the demands of a data-driven business. Key features of the platform:

  • Software-As-A-Service deployment on the cloud or on premises.
  • Query / Alert Creation facilities available via standard Web browser.
  • Developers can embed TriggerWare functionality into applications using REST APIs.
  • End points for functions can be desktops, laptops, tablets, or smart phones.
  • Many standard connectors exist in the TriggerWare library for plug-and-play with your applications.
  • New connectors to external and internal data sources can be added by your IT team or by CalQLogic professional services.
  • Secure communications via https.

Did you find our vision compelling?

If so, TriggerWare is available for you to try. If your interest was ignited, and you want to see the platform features at work, a demo will help. And, if you want more details, there are many options to add to your knowledge base. Cast your first decision with us. The choice is yours.